What are the Merits of Cisco PBX Telephone Systems?

18 Oct

There are many high-quality small business PBX telephone systems out there. From Avaya Aura and Yeastar S300 to Cisco, you have a broad spectrum of options to meet the requirements of your small office. While all those brands are great, this article focuses on the merits that come with deploying a Cisco IP PBX system.

Firstly, there's the benefit of unified communications that Cisco VoIP PBX systems offer. Built to cater to the needs of a small business, the Yeastar S300 system leverages the capabilities of an IP PBX along with superior messaging and collaboration solutions. This unification is extremely important to small business communication applications.

For example, the entire unified communications manager from Cisco Phones comes with applications that enhance productivity at your contact center or any other environment where you're deploying the IP PBX system. You can achieve a lot of objectives with such collaboration tools, such as the ability to manage both inbound and outbound calls. You could also track the location as well as status of other system users depending on needs.

The ability to be reached with just a single number is also a perk that a Cisco PBX telephone system offers small businesses. You may then provide specifications based on your requirements so that incoming calls can be automatically routed to other devices.

An intuitive interface is certainly desirable in both the short- and long-term. Thankfully, the Cisco PBX system is very easy to install and manage.

One of the most outstanding benefits of IP PBX phone systems, including Cisco, is the ability to scale. This means that you can easily expand the system in keeping pace with business growth and needs. Another implication is that you don't have to invest heavily upfront if your current needs are small. Just track growth and keep expanding the telephone system at reasonable costs.

Overall, the Cisco IP PBX telephone system is cheaper to run. Keep in mind that you have multiple applications and features that are unified under a single appliance, reducing costs. This also makes it easy to deploy, administer, and service the system.

There you have it! There's every good reason to start contemplating a Cisco IP PBX system for your small business. The advanced system combines VoIP PBX functions with software applications that enhance collaboration, tracking, sharing, and much more. It comes with a simple user interface that enables you to install it quickly, while facilitating easy administration.

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